How does the training work?

With "TheTraders program" you have access to all our trading content associated with that package. Your training starts immediately on the date of purchase and is active for the selected period of time.

How does the subscription work?

With a Coach subscription you have access to all our digital content associated with that subscription. Your subscription starts immediately on the date of purchase and is active for the selected period. Afterwards, the Coach renews automatically by the selected payment interval. You can cancel any time by sending an email to

How does the 14-day money back guarantee work?

After 14 Days we expect you to have an increased knowledge of trading than how you started, if this is not the case, please contact out customer support for a refund.

How to Contact us ?

To contact us is very simple. 1 - Via email - 2 - Facebook -


ABOUT US was created to educate people looking to get in to the world of trading. We believe that knowledge is essential to your trading success. Our trainers are experts in the financial markets and online trading. Our Goal is to get you excited about trading and to empower you with the tools to be successful.

Risk Disclaimer

The traders coach will offer you an opportunity to learn the skills required to become a better trader. Past performance does not guarantee future results and you should never trade money you can’t afford to lose. 

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